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At M&M Academy our mission is to create and train awesome music maestros and/or upcoming martial arts masters!

There is synergy that can be created by merging music and martial arts as both require creativity and discipline and can enhance your mental and physical strengths and abilities.

– We researched local Martial Arts schools, there are loads!
– We researched local Music schools, there are even more!
– We researched places that offer both Music and Martial Arts… there are none!

A lot of people train in some form of mental and physical discipline, so here at M&M Academy we figured combining these two disciplines and offering a package discount would be something unique and totally awesome!

We have Taekwondo classes available for; 4 to 7 year olds (Tigers) every Saturday, and ages 8+ (mixed abilities, adults included) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Guitar lessons are available for all ages above 7 years old (from beginners to advanced, with a professional or personally tailored curriculm) and are available on all weekdays from Monday to Friday.

Join us for a single subject or combine two or more subjects and enjoy the added bonus of a discounted rate! Family and student discounts are available too.

We’re also affiliated with Primrose Art Club, which means that if you have a child aged 4 to 13 who’s interested in Art, they could also get discounted lessons there too! Awesome!


Why take our word for it? Check out what our clients have said!..

7th January 2023 ~
Tony is a great guitar teacher, he is patient and explains things well. He has done a great job throughout covid teaching via zoom (which can have its challenges) but it is working well for my daughter and she enjoys her lessons. The showcases are great for building confidence in the students and Tony is very enthusiastic in everything he does. I would highly recommend Maestros & Masters Academy
Gillian W (parent)

1st February 2020 ~
Fantastic club, really inclusive martial arts training. Great for developing fitness, confidence, strength and coordination. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Mr. Stevenson encourages a really positive and fun environment, working tirelessly to help all students achieve their goals. An excellent group of people to train with all working by the 5 tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self control and Indomitable spirit!
James S (student & parent)

8th March 2021 ~
Hi, I’m Laurie and I’m 9yrs old. I have been taught guitar and Taekwondo by Tony for 1½ years and it has been really good fun. Tony is one of the best teachers, I rate him 10/10, so I definitely recommend that you join Tony’s lessons. He’s funny, patient and explain things clearly.
Laurence P (student)

10th October 2019 ~
Josh started his guitar lessons with Tony around a year ago. Tony is a fun and friendly guy with lots of patience. Josh thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to his guitar lesson every week and feels he has learnt a lot. Tony runs a showcase event each year which Josh has now entered for the second time, the showcase is fun and gives the students an opportunity to perform a song of their choice and shows what they have learnt so far. We look forward to progressing even more and are soon going to move on to grades.
Jeanette B (parent)

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