Our Taekwondo Club

Alfreton Class, 2022

We at M&M Academy are part of the TAGB (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain), which is the largest and most successful TKD organisation in the UK with over 20,000 members (see www.tagb.biz for more information).

Our Taekwondo School is based in Little Eaton.

We train on a weekly basis and our training includes; warm-ups and stretching, line work (techniques) and patterns, step sparring (choreographed) and free sparring, power pad and board breaking, theory, realistic scenario training, musical patterns, games and more!

At the TAGB, we practice the original ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) style of Taekwondo as described by Choi Hong Hi who founded the art. There are many other organisations that teach their own version of this original text. We aim to keep it traditional.

All TAGB instructors have to go through a number of checks before they can run a school, these include:

– Regular DBS (formerly CRB) check
– Regular first aid training
– Registration with the BTC (British Taekwondo Council)
– Two stage assessment by the TAGB (written and practical exams)
– Indemnity and liability insurance checks

Smaller organisations tend to be more relaxed about these important points, so always ask when considering a martial arts club.

History of our Club

Master Brian Towndrow (8th Dan), originally founded our club (formally Notts TKD and Alfreton Taekwondo) in Clay Cross over 30 years ago. Master Towndrow has been instrumental in the success of the TAGB and was an active major committee member for many years of his Taekwondo journey. He was also the North Midlands Area co-coordinator for many years.

The club has since had numerous excellent instructors such as Mr. Simon Bristow and Mr. James Seaman (who are still active student practitioners in Taekwondo), and our club is now in the hands of Mr. Tony Stevenson.