Terms & Conditions


With Effect From 20/03/2021
Last Updated on 25/11/2021

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all lesson agreements made between Maestros & Masters Academy (“M&MA”) and their pupils and the parents / carers of their pupils (“the pupil”). 

  1. Term Dates 

1a. Teaching weeks at M&MA include both school term time, half term and the first four weeks of the summer holidays. M&MA is closed for six weeks over the course of the year; two weeks at Easter, two weeks at the end of August and two over Christmas and the New Year. The exact dates of these weeks will be made available to you in the M&MA Welcome Pack and ongoing on Tutorbird.

1b. At all times it is the responsibility of students to be aware of M&MA’s term start and end dates. 

  1. Communications

2a. All correspondence is sent out to the pupil by email and text to the email address and telephone number you provide to M&MA. If this will cause you a problem, please let M&MA know so we may discuss an alternative options.

2b. It is the responsibility of the pupil to make M&MA aware of any changes to their contact details. M&MA will not be held responsible for any missed communications, late or overdue payments, missed lessons, etc. if this is due to being provided with incorrect contact information. 

2c. Due to the sheer size of our student roll, most of M&MA’s communications are done via bulk delivery services, for example, mail merge. There is always a possibility of error associated with this process and we ask that you understand this and contact us in the first instance via email to admin@mandm.academy so we can rectify the situation as soon as possible.

  1. Timetabling of Lessons

3a. The pupil will be informed of the date and time of their first lesson either by phone, in-person or by email. M&MA will aim to confirm all the lesson details by email, but does not guarantee that this will be the case if we deem sufficient confirmation has been provided by other means.

3b. Site-based lessons – if the agreed lesson times or days need to be changed, the pupil will be contacted as far in advance as possible and alternative arrangements will be made to continue the lessons at times and days that suit the pupil and M&MA.

3c. School/Sports Centre/Community Hall based lessons –

3.c.i. If the agreed lesson day needs to be changed, the student will be contacted as far in advance as possible and alternative arrangements will be made with the venue and the student for a suitable new lesson time.

3.c.ii. In the event of issues such as heavy snowfall, flooding or an emergency (such as fire) at the venue before the scheduled lesson preventing access the student will not be charged.

3d. Online lessons – 

3.d.i if the agreed lesson times or days need to be changed, the pupil will be contacted as far in advance as possible and alternative arrangements will be made to continue the lessons at times and days that suit the pupil and M&MA. 

3.d.ii in the event of technical issues arising on our part, your lesson will be rescheduled at a time to suit the pupil and M&MA 

3.d.iii In the event of technical issues based on the student’s technology, the lesson will not be rescheduled. 

  1. Missed Lessons

4a. Individual lessons –

4.a.i. If the pupil is unable to attend a lesson please let M&MA know at the earliest time possible, either by email to admin@mandm.academy or by text to 07818 559309.

You are also welcome to make direct contact with our tutors.

4.a.ii. Where less than 24 hours’ notice is given for missing a lesson, no catch-up lesson or credit will be given. This lesson is considered forfeited. 

4.a.iii. Exceptions will be given for extenuating circumstances such as –

  • An emergency that you are involved in, or that you must attend.
  • An unexpected loss in the family or of close relation or pet.
  • A vehicle breakdown whilst on your journey to your lesson.

4.a.iv. The following are NOT considered exceptional circumstances-

  • Forgetting to attend your lesson.
  • Minor sickness / illness.
  • Being stuck in traffic.
  • A spontaneous holiday.
  • An event such as a music gig, sports match, cinema viewing etc, unless M&MA have been made aware and it has been arranged well in advance.

4.a.v. In the event that you provide M&MA with more than 24 hours notice of a cancellation –

  • M&MA tutors will do their utmost to accommodate you with an alternate slot within a week of your lesson. If this is not possible, the payment is forfeit.  
  • If notice is given well in advance (before the 1st of the month where the next payment is due) for personal commitments (such as a holiday), the payee may adjust their payment to match the remaining lessons that month only with written/email agreement with M&MA. 

4.a.vi. It is only by managerial discretion that customer credit is placed on a student’s account to the value of a missed lesson. Customer credit is not transferable for money but we will endeavour to use the credit at the earliest convenience – usually the next month’s fees.

4b. In the event of a tutor’s absence, you will either receive a refund (or customer credit) or a new time slot for that lesson, whichever is more suitable to you.

4c. Ongoing absences – If a student will be absent for more than three weeks because of medical reasons, a credit may be given, at the discretion of M&MA management.

  1. Duration of the Lesson Agreement – ongoing

5a. The lesson agreement between M&MA and the student is a rolling agreement that continues into each new academic year.

5b. Students can pause their lessons on request on a monthly basis for any reason (with a month’s given notice). In this event M&MA will charge 50% of the usual lesson fee to keep the current slot available to the student for when they return.

  1. Refunds and Cancellations

6a. The pupil has the right to cancel at any time by giving M&MA written notice. Written notification can be given by email to admin@mandm.academy, by text message to 07818 559309 or by a letter posted to: 15 Blackthorne Close, Kilburn, Belper, DE56 0LF. However, should the student pay monthly for lessons, no refund will be given for the remaining lessons for the month of cancellation.

6b. M&MA may cancel this agreement and terminate services at any time, should a valid reason arise such as; misconduct, late payments, extensive unexplained absences. Again, lessons will not be refunded for the remainder of the month if payment has already been made.

  1. Tuition Fees and Accounting

7a. M&MA tutors CANNOT accept payments in any form. Payments must go through our academy systems.

7b. M&MA starts following up on unpaid monthly fees with an assumption of good faith that it is an unintentional mistake.

7c.The pupil will be billed for each month on the first of every month. 

7d. M&MA’s bank details are: 

Name: Maestros & Masters Academy

Bank: Lloyds Bank

Account number: 49800560

Sort Code: 77-08-14

Please use the surname of the guardian that is the main point of contact with us as a reference.

7e. M&MA prefers online / Internet banking payments.

7f. New pupils will receive a standing order form during their first lesson.

7g. Lesson fees are charged per calendar month. They are calculated by taking a total fee based on 46 weeks in a year (the number of weeks we teach) and then dividing this by 12 (months).

                 7.g.i the fees take into account M&MA’s six weeks holiday per year.

7.g.ii. This means that some months you will have more or less than 4 lessons during that month.

7h. Upon enrollment a pupil or guardian/caregiver of the pupil will be set up with a Tutorbird log in. All of our term news and lesson details are accessible from there.

7i. When payment is late, M&MA will give the students a reminder each week for 3 weeks. If they have still not paid by the 4th week M&MA will send a final email or text stating that if the balance has not been met by the end of the month, the student will lose their lesson slot.

  1. Offers

8a. M&MA offers a refer a friend scheme, which rewards students and their friend a 20% discount off a month’s worth of lessons, applicable after the friend has signed the M&MA agreement and has paid for their first month.

8b. To qualify for the refer a friend scheme, the prospective student must be a new student who has not studied with M&MA before. The prospective student can be signing up for the same or a different subject to the student who has referred them.

8c. M&MA offers a 20% discount on a month on beginner lessons for any new students during the month leading up to Christmas. This deal is for students who are not already part of M&MA. Multiple months worth of lessons can be purchased in one go as a Christmas present.

  1.  Personal Data

9.a. Photography and Media –

9.a.i M&MA may use film or still photographs of students for appropriate promotional purposes.

9.a.ii You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) have the option to ‘opt out’ of this at any time. Please send us an email for our records, requesting to opt out of media collection to admin@mandm.academy.

9.b. Personal Data –

9.b.i. M&MA collects the personal information of our clients for the purpose of –

  • Communication (reminders/special offers/newsletters)
  • To process your booking
  • Identifying skill levels 
  • Identifying support for pupils
  • For services such as Tutorbird (student & tutor portal), Taekwondo license renewal, Taekwondo grading and Rockschool (exams and grades).

9.b.ii. The personal data collected from students –

  • Personal identifiers, contacts and characteristics (for example, name and contact details)
  • Previous education in the subject matter, including grades attained, grades you have attained whilst learning with M&M Academy
  • Photographs and videos, if you have consented to their use in the ‘Publicity Consent Form’ included in your welcome pack

9.b.iii. You may request this information be removed from our database at any time for any reason. Information will be deleted from the system within 24 months of ceasing – lessons with M&MA, unless requested otherwise.

9.b.iv. For more details please read our Privacy Notice found here: Privacy Notice  

9.c. Tutorbird – 

9.c.i. M&MA utilises the Tutorbird client management system.

9.c.ii. Tutorbird collects the following personal data from users –

  • Email address
  • First name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City
  • Cookies and Usage Data

9.c.iii. Tutorbird uses the data for the following purposes –

  • To provide and maintain our Service
  • To notify you about changes to our Service
  • To allow you to participate in interactive features of our Service when you choose to do so
  • To provide customer support
  • To gather analysis or valuable information so that we can improve our Service
  • To monitor the usage of our Service
  • To detect, prevent and address technical issues
  • To provide you with news, special offers and general information about other goods, services and events which we offer that are similar to those that you have already purchased or enquired about unless you have opted not to receive such information

9.c.iv. Tutorbird retains the data collected only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in their Privacy Policy. They will retain and use your Personal Data to the extent necessary to comply with their legal obligations (for example, if they are required to retain your data to comply with applicable laws), resolve disputes, and enforce their legal agreements and policies. Tutorbird will also retain Usage Data for internal analysis purposes. Usage Data is generally retained for a shorter period of time, except when this data is used to strengthen the security or to improve the functionality of Tutorbird’s Service, or they are legally obligated to retain this data for longer time periods.

9.c.v. Tutorbird’s Privacy Policy in full can be found here: Tutorbird Privacy Policy 

  1. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

10a. The Terms and Conditions described above are agreed to upon enrollment and may be changed at any point by M&MA without providing notice to the pupil. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on our website and may be emailed to the pupil on request.

Contact Details

To find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/maestrosandmasters

To call us: 07818 559309

Location: 15, Blackthorne Close, Kilburn, Belper, DE56 0LF

Please note our Admin team is only available from 10am – 9pm Monday to Friday

Personal Data 

M&MA will use the Customer’s name(s), address, telephone number, email address and payment details (your Personal Data) to process your booking. We will only use your Personal Data in accordance with our privacy notice which is available at 9.b.iv.

Our privacy notice also contains details of your right to withdraw your consent, to update your preferences, to request further information, and to make a complaint.