Student Awards 2021

2020 – 2021
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Section A

Outstanding ImprovementMusic Student
Honorable Mentions: Hannah, Charlie, Olivia, Owain, Josh and Marley
Winner: Lucy

Outstanding ImprovementTaekwondo Student
Honorable Mentions: William, Sophie, Leo, Adam B, Emily and Oliver
Winner: Shikyra

Excellent Perseverance – Music Student
Winner: Isaac

Excellent Perseverance – Taekwondo Student
Winner: Adam B

Fantastic Attendance – Music Student
(100% for the longest period up to November)
Honorable Mentions: Ashton, David, Lola, Lucy, Owain and Sam
Winner: Julian

Fantastic Attendance – Taekwondo Student
Honorable Mentions: Florrie, Riley, Rylan and William
Winner: Emily

Assistant Teacher’s Awards
These awards were from our Assistant Teachers, given to a specific recognised students for their excellent achievements and improvements throughout the year.

Lewis’s Award Winner: Leo
Lewis’s message to Leo: Sorry that I couldn’t be here in person to give you this award and I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening! Tony gave me this opportunity to give a student an award for whatever reason I saw fit and this was no easy task!

There are many students here that really stand out for various reasons but Leo is the person I choose for the outstanding improvements I have seen this year from him. His confidence has become far higher and his power generation has come a long way which he has proven in destruction lessons!

Leo has become a model student for Tony’s classes. Keep up the great work, your black belt grading approaches…

Cailyn’s Award Winner: William
Cailyn’s message to William: I believe that Will deserves this award because he is very hard working and he puts a lot of effort into his patterns, theory and line work. He also has good a understanding on why we use moves as well as taking in critisism and using it to your advantage. Well done.

James’s Award Winner: Pete
James’s message to Pete: So every now and then you get a certain type of student who catches your eye. Everyone’s different and the students who stick at it are the ones that will succeed, you know that without fail. It’s not necceserily the students that are neturally talented that succeed, it’s the ones that stick at it. Every now and then you’ll walk into the Dojang and you see someone that catches your eye and you think “they’re gonna be brilliant” and you just know they’ve got what it takes. They’ve got the right attitude, they put the effort in and they’re gonna do well.

Tony gave me the opportunity to pick out one of these students, for which I’m very grateful. Pete, congratulations it’s you and this is why!

A couple of weeks after I selected Mr. Jemmett for this award, he went down to the British Championships (that’s a big deal!) and he did the foolish thing of breaking all the bones/ligaments in his foot and that was stupid but, he decided the best thing to do in that situation is to continue fighting, win the fight, and then keep fighting until he won gold! And became British Champion! And at that point I knew I’d picked the right guy.

Pete, congratulations sincerely, come and grab your star (award), you deserve it!

PERFORMANCE: Leo Feng – Taekwondo Colour Belt Pattern

Section B

Medals for students on the Points and Rewards system
Ashton, Caitlin, Charlie, Gene, Hannah, Isaac, Leo, Lola, Olivia, Owain and Rafi

Top of the Points Leaderboard (most practiced)
3rd – Lucy,  2nd – Ethan, 1st – Laurence

Game of Chords (as of November)
Beginner A – 3rd: Joolz, 2nd: Laurence, 1st: Ashton
Beginner B –  3rd: Ethan, 2nd: Jack, 1st: Leo
Moderate A – 3rd: Reggie, 2nd: Hannah, 1st: Josh
Moderate B – 3rd: Pete, 2nd: Hannah, 1st: Olivia
Intermediate A – 3rd: Kevin, 2nd: Olivia, 1st: Hannah

PERFORMANCE: Reggie Cole – Music (30 Seconds to Mars – The Kill)

Section C

Best Patterns 2021
Colour Belt
Honorable Mentions: Andrew, Leo, Amelia and Amy
Winner: Pete

Black Belt
Honorable Mentions: Lewis, Ryan and Ben
Winner: Cailyn

Best Music Performance 2021 (out of both showcases)
Honorable Mentions: Charlie, Reggie, Max, Kevin and Pete
Winner – Olivia

Coolest Showcase Entrance
Comments: Loz turned up to his last showcase with NO SHOES, in shorts with mud down his leg, hair all over the place. You can tell he just came back from a football match and it was a proper rockstar appearance!
Winner – Laurence

Cheekiest Student Award
Comments: Practices last minute, often late and generally super cheeky in lessons, but also an absolute pleasure to work with!
Winner – Clare

Longest running M&M Academy student (based on the number of lessons)
Honorable Mention: Olivia
Winner – Caitlin

PERFORMANCE: Cailyn Paull – Taekwondo Black Belt Pattern

Section D
Class Assistant Awards

(students that have been an incredible help during our Taekwondo lessons)
– Adam M, Emily, Sophie and Laurence

Teaching Assistant Awards
(students that have been fantastic assistants during music lessons)
– Reggie and Max

Assistant Instructor Awards
(for taking control of the classes or subdivisions of a class, doing a cracking job and generally being incredibly helpful)
– Cailyn, Lewis and James

Most Adorable Student
Winner – Demelza

PERFORMANCE: Olivia Gilbert – Music (La Seine)

Final Section

Taekwondo Student of the Year 2021
– Sophie

Music Student of the Year 2021

M&M Academy Student of the Year 2021

Music Showreel

Taekwondo Showreel

Closing Comments
Thank you to all the students, parents, guardians, teachers and supporters of M&M Academy. You all make the business a pleasure to work in and it’s a privilege to be able to teach such exciting and wonderful students!

Also a huge thank you to Mr. James Seaman for your fantastic photography.
Check out the awesome gallery of shots below!