Testimonials 2015 – 2019

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29th October 2019

Both my children have had lessons with Tony over a few years now, they have learned many skills and both love to play. I would totally recommend Tony’s Tuition.

Caroline B (parent)


23rd October 2019

Tony has been teaching electric guitar to our son for around 18 months. We have been amazed by how quickly he has progressed. Tony has a great approach and easily keeps his students engaged, even with the music theory side of things. We chose to follow Tony’s own curriculum initially, which was great fun, and we have since moved on to the official rock school grading system which Tony is very well versed in and was able to guide our son through his first grading with ease. Tony has happily provided music sheets for any songs requested by our son, even with some of them being quite niche! He also encourages his students to perform by putting on a student showcase, which I think is great for building confidence. We have also been impressed with how organised Tony is, he is very professional and is always well prepared for each lesson. One final thing to mention is the guitar service Tony offers which is great value and he does an excellent job restringing and polishing up your guitar. Highly recommended!

Dave C (parent)


15th October 2019

I have been taking lessons with Tony for 3 months. During this time I have made good progress. The structured lesson plans really suit me and his style of teaching is both informative and fun. The ‘homework’ supports my lessons, gives me direction and supports my progress. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony’s Tuition to other students.

Brian C (student)


14th October 2019

It’s been a really great experience learning to play the guitar with Tony. I was really nervous at the beginning, but Tony’s love of guitars and teaching soon made that pass, and every lesson has been a real pleasure. The pace is just right – steady enough not to feel pressure, but fast enough to make you feel like you’re always making progress!

Thanks Tony!

Helen C (student)


10th October 2019

My daughter is really enjoying her guitar lessons. The lesson structure is great, and everything is explained well. Tony is very patient, and the lessons are set at a good pace. There is no pressure to sit exams and the student can pick some of their own music choices to play.

I would recommend Tony to anyone at any age to learn to play.

Gillian W (parent)


Josh started his guitar lessons with Tony’s Tuition around a year ago. Tony is a fun and friendly guy with lots of patience.

Josh thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to his guitar lesson every week and feels he has learnt a lot. Tony runs a showcase event each year which Josh has now entered for the second time, the showcase is fun and gives the students an opportunity to perform a song of their choice and shows what they have learnt so far.

We look forward to progressing even more and are soon going to move on to grades.

Jeanette B (parent)


8th October 2019

It has been a great experience learning to play guitar with Tony. He explains things so well and is very patient. As a recently retired person it has been heartening to find someone who has empathy across a wide range of ages and with someone like myself who does not have a natural musical talent.

Maurice H (student)


4th October 2019

Tony teaches my 7 year old son and I am super impressed with the progress he has made so far! Tony is patient, lets my son choose music that is of interest to him, and Tony’s teaching structure recognizes student progress with certificates that positively encourage my son to keep practicing. Highly recommended!

Mihaela P (parent)


Amazing teacher. I started with zero experience and he made me feel comfortable and made it fun to learn the guitar.

Dan Robinson (student)


Tony is a brilliant teacher. Patient, explains things very well in simple, easy to understand ways. He goes to a lot of trouble to make your lessons structured and enjoyable and gets you on your way from the start.

I would highly recommend Tony’s Tuition to anyone. If it is your dream to play an instrument, look no further.

Geoffrey F (student)


3rd February 2019

An amazing tutor who knows his stuff!

Caroline B (parent)


6th November 2018

Anthony is really great! I am so pleased he is our tutor. I would recommend him to everyone.

Eugenia D (parent)


29th April 2018

Great lessons, friendly and approachable. Clear planning and delivery. Tony has teaching for every level and I’m happy to be working with him. Thanks.

Amanda T (student)


26th April 2018

Personalized lessons and structure, all about fun learning rather than strict education. Teaches more about the actual use and mechanics of the guitar rather than just parroting songs, leading to students being able to learn any song they want or make their own much quicker and in their own time. Will happily help out and base things around your own learning abilities as slow or as fast as you go.

Ash G (student)


Tony is an excellent teacher and has helped in bringing my daughter out of her shell by working closely with her and making her feel comfortable whilst he’s teaching. I would definitely recommend him to other people wishing to learn the guitar.

Alan C (parent)


10th April 2018

A year ago I decided to learn how to play the guitar, a big decision for someone in their sixties who has never played a guitar before. A friend recommended Tony’s Tuition, so off I went. Tony has been very patient with me and I am very happy with the progress I have made so far. He is very encouraging during lessons, has some very good lesson plans that suit my needs and ability, and is very enthusiastic with the lesson content. He is very knowledgeable in his chosen profession, and is a very competent guitar player and teacher. I look forward to practicing my guitars, which I manage to do five or six times a week, and always look forward to my lessons. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony’s Tuition to any aspiring guitar player.

Allen S (student)


17th March 2018

Tony is a fabulous teacher. He has been teaching my son for a little of a year and has brought his skills on amazingly. The lessons are well planned and tailored to his individual needs/skill level. He is patient and is great at keeping my son focused and interested. Would definitely recommend.

Username: ScarletCork58 (parent)


16th March 2018

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tony’s Tuition to anyone. He makes the lessons enjoyable as he takes in to account what types and styles of music you like and enjoy.

Tony is always as flexible as possible if we have to change a lesson. Tony’s tuition has provided my son with valuable confidence building and he never feels rushed to learn the next thing. The learning goes at a pace he is comfortable with.

Clare C (parent)


15th March 2018

I would recommend Tony to anyone who wants to learn the guitar.
Tony has made Nate feel so comfortable. He has not pushed him too hard, but got him to learn a Nate’s own speed. Nate has learned such a lot and Tony has given Nate more confidence in himself than he has ever had before.

Philip K (parent)


14th March 2018

Lessons are well structured and written material is provided to take home and remind me of what I have learned. Tony is patient, encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. As a result I feel my ability has improved (from a standing start!) and more importantly I can’t wait to pick up my guitar and play it almost every day. I would recommend Tony, without hesitation, as a tutor.

Tim Skinner (student)


13th March 2018

I’ve been learning with Tony for several months and my guitar skills have come on significantly. He is patient, attentive and professional. Whenever I’ve needed him to be he’s been flexible and he has set the benchmark for any future teachers I may have.

Username: BlackWatch58 (student)


26th June 2017

Tony has been teaching my 12 and 7 year old together for about 6 months. They both are doing very well and can play many tunes already. The lessons are well structured, fun and sometimes quite noisy! The children love it! They learn new ideas every week and are set practice material. They are given opportunities to choose current chart material to learn and golden oldies too! Certificates of achievement are issued when they reach standards set. Tony’s home where the lessons are held is comfy and friendly.

I have no hesitation recommending Tony to anyone embarking on their journey to play the guitar 🙂

Danielle L (parent)


12th May 2017

Tony is a great teacher, patient, positive, encouraging and inspiring.
He takes lessons at your pace and is happy to adapt lessons to you.
I would recommend Tony to anyone wanting to learn the guitar.

Heather P (student)


2nd May 2017

Tony is a good, honest and supportive tutor. He pushes you when he knows that you can do it and supports you when you are finding things hard. His lesson structure is very clear, as is the progression route. He has a very ‘student friendly’ approach. He is knowledgeable and answers any questions well. He is also helpful with questions and you don’t feel silly asking them. He knows his subject well and keeps personally practicing which is good.

In short, I would highly recommend him. It’s just sad that he does not teach piano too!

You will be taught well.

Sarah B (partner of student)


3rd April 2017

I would highly recommend Tony’s Tuition to any budding students looking for guitar lessons. Tony’s consistent lesson plans are structured and realistic. He is a nice, genuine teacher who puts you at ease. Highly recommended.

Matt S (student)


30th March 2017

Tony has been teaching both me and my daughter for a couple of years now. Every lesson is fun and he makes it a joy to learn and play. Tony is always patient and supportive and structures the lessons to individual strengths and weaknesses.
I would highly recommend Tony’s Tuition to anyone looking to learn the guitar, whatever age or ability.

Anthony & Alithia R (students)


29th March 2017

Tony is a very friendly, fun and patient teacher.
His lessons are well thought out and he makes these fun as well as informative. I would recommend Tony’s Tuition to anyone who is interested in learning to play the guitar as Tony is a fun, patient teacher who knows his stuff!

Angela C (parent)


22nd September 2016

Tony has been giving my husband and 6 year old son lessons before the summer and they’ve come on leaps and bounds! Great teacher, so patient!

Eira-Wyn B (parent)


24th August 2016

Tony has been teaching me guitar for the last few months and I would highly recommend him. His patience and easy going style has already got me playing things that I have tried to play for years by myself without success.

Graham J (student)


23rd August 2016

Tony is an excellent teacher, very patient, explains things very simply and varies his teaching style to fit the individual.

Christopher T (student)


17th June 2016

I have just completed my Level 1 with Tony and have to say to how much I have enjoyed it. I am a complete novice and just decided that learning a guitar is something I wanted to try. Tony is extremely patient and explains everything very simply and in such a short space of time progress is slowly being made. I look forward to learning more on level 2. Highly recommend.

Adam B (student)


1st June 2016

My Grandson wanted to learn to play the guitar. I contacted Tony to come each week to teach him. In the time he has been having lessons I am amazed at how far and fast he has progressed. Tony is an easy going tutor who lets his pupils take things at their own pace. I would recommend Tony to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar.

Simon B (parent)


27th May 2016

My ten year old daughter has been learning the guitar with Tony as a complete novice. She has progressed very well and really enjoys the lessons. Tony’s techniques allow for a flexible approach to suit my daughter’s pace of learning. His teaching skills and years of experience really shine through and produce great results. I would definitely recommend his lessons to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar or to develop their knowledge.

Samantha L (parent)


21st May 2016

Tony is a fantastic guitar teacher. He makes the lessons fun and motivates his students so they are eager to play and practice. He has a friendly and patient teaching style, always positive and encouraging whilst correcting and advising along the way! Would highly recommend Tony to anyone wishing to start the guitar or continue with their skills!

Amanda C (parent)


2nd May 2016

Tony has been giving my 10 year old daughter lessons for 6 weeks now. She’s gone from a complete beginner who didn’t have a clue how to play a guitar to being able to play Justin Bieber’s, ‘Love Yourself’. She’s learnt a few riffs, chords and is even reading music sheets. Tony makes us both feel really comfortable, he has the patience of a saint and his lessons are fun. I’d highly reccommend him. Thanks Tony!

Carla S (parent)


24th April 2016

My daughter loves her lessons… she’s got social difficulties but looks forward to your lessons every week, thanks Tony

Tracy E (parent)


17th December 2015

Tony is a very good guitarist. He also has a good talent for teaching. The ‘terms’ are well structured, as are the lessons. I enjoy them as the structure is giving clear progression in guitar technique incorporating each players’ music genre. The theory comes at a comfortable, measured pace. Tony instructs clearly and offers targeted help tailored to the individuals’ abilities. His assessments are fair and don’t depend on perfect playing as that comes with plenty of practice. You can see your achievements grow. He always gives friendly help and makes the lessons very enjoyable. The time just shoots by. He endeavors that each pupil achieves a personal goal at each lesson. I can recommend this course and tutor to any budding guitarist.

Richard R (student)


Having had Tony as a guitar instructor now for 4 months, I can honestly say how much I am enjoying them. Tony is very skilled in his teaching and is very helpful with any problems that are encountered and shows patience and his instructions are easy to follow. If there’s anything that you struggle with he has the time to show you the best way in theory and practice. Top man!

Jimmi C (student)


15th December 2015

Tony is a friendly and open instructor, knowledgeable and approachable. He brings out the best in everyone!

Phil T (student)


Tony has taken over from Jacks absence at Rockstart with confidence and great knowledge of session criteria. He is easy to talk to and will be patient with anybody. A friendly approach is always presented at each bootcamp.

Liam S (student)


13th December 2015

I have worked with Tony for 6 months now at Rockstart Bootcamp and have loved each session. Tony is the best guitar teacher I have had, he will go through anything you’re unsure of and makes it easy to understand as well and being very accommodating and helpful. Would definitely recommend his teaching!

Tabitha P (student)


Tony has helped my lad Josh progress from total beginner at Rockstart Bootcamp. He is a great teacher and we are so pleased with how well Josh has progressed in just a few months. Would recommend Tony to anybody looking to learn.

Will H (parent)


10th December 2015

Tony, you have helped me a great deal and have the patience of a saint when you come to see how I’m doing in each lesson.
I work awkward shifts that sometimes limit the amount of practice I wish to take on, but I do get there eventually and it clearly shows! The encouragement and effort pushed me to get through the songs and mini tests. See you next year!

Julie S (student)


8th December 2015

Tony is very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend lessons to everyone whether a beginner or more advanced player. You will learn something new in every session. The sessions are fun and at your own pace. Chris looks forward to having learnt to play a new song of his own choice at the end of every level.

Vicky B (parent)


7th December 2015

Tony is very knowledgeable and helpful in lessons. I must say I even find myself eagerly listening to the theory side of things even though I’ve never picked up a guitar in my life. He makes students feel very relaxed and gives them confidence in the classes to try out new things. Definitely the right guy for the job!

Sam B (parent)


6th December 2015

I found Tony to be a very warm, patient and understanding person. Always welcoming me into class with a smile and a friendly greeting. He listens, I think that’s the true key to being a fantastic teacher.

Hannah W (student)


1st December 2015

I was one of those people who ‘had’ a guitar for years and always meant to learn, but simply hadn’t got around to it. Tony was wonderful, really patient and thorough, taking the time it took to fully explain and show me as many times as it took. Part of the process included working out (with me) what it was I really wanted to learn (was it just to play songs? Learning the instrument formally? Finger picking Spanish style?), which really impressed me. I thoroughly enjoyed every session. By no means do I claim to be able to play the guitar yet but I intend to keep learning until I can! Thanks again Tony, it’s a real privilege learning with you.

DK G (student)