Testimonials 2015

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17th December 2015

Tony is a very good guitarist. He also has a good talent for teaching. The ‘terms’ are well structured, as are the lessons. I enjoy them as the structure is giving clear progression in guitar technique incorporating each players’ music genre. The theory comes at a comfortable, measured pace. Tony instructs clearly and offers targeted help tailored to the individuals’ abilities. His assessments are fair and don’t depend on perfect playing as that comes with plenty of practice. You can see your achievements grow. He always gives friendly help and makes the lessons very enjoyable. The time just shoots by. He endeavors that each pupil achieves a personal goal at each lesson. I can recommend this course and tutor to any budding guitarist.

Richard Redding (student)


Having had Tony as a guitar instructor now for 4 months, I can honestly say how much I am enjoying them. Tony is very skilled in his teaching and is very helpful with any problems that are encountered and shows patience and his instructions are easy to follow. If there’s anything that you struggle with he has the time to show you the best way in theory and practice. Top man!

Jimmi Craig (student)


15th December 2015

Tony is a friendly and open instructor, knowledgeable and approachable. He brings out the best in everyone!

Phil Thorpe (student)


Tony has taken over from Jacks absence at Rockstart with confidence and great knowledge of session criteria. He is easy to talk to and will be patient with anybody. A friendly approach is always presented at each bootcamp.

Liam Slack (student)


13th December 2015

I have worked with Tony for 6 months now at Rockstart Bootcamp and have loved each session. Tony is the best guitar teacher I have had, he will go through anything you’re unsure of and makes it easy to understand as well and being very accommodating and helpful. Would definitely recommend his teaching!

Tabitha Parker (student)


Tony has helped my lad Josh progress from total beginner at Rockstart Bootcamp. He is a great teacher and we are so pleased with how well Josh has progressed in just a few months. Would recommend Tony to anybody looking to learn.

Will Hart (parent)


10th December 2015

Tony, you have helped me a great deal and have the patience of a saint when you come to see how I’m doing in each lesson.
I work awkward shifts that sometimes limit the amount of practice I wish to take on, but I do get there eventually and it clearly shows! The encouragement and effort pushed me to get through the songs and mini tests. See you next year!

Julie Swain (student)


8th December 2015

Tony is very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend lessons to everyone whether a beginner or more advanced player. You will learn something new in every session. The sessions are fun and at your own pace. Chris looks forward to having learnt to play a new song of his own choice at the end of every level.

Vicky Baynham (parent)


7th December 2015

Tony is very knowledgeable and helpful in lessons. I must say I even find myself eagerly listening to the theory side of things even though I’ve never picked up a guitar in my life. He makes students feel very relaxed and gives them confidence in the classes to try out new things. Definitely the right guy for the job!

Sam Booth (parent)


6th December 2015

I found Tony to be a very warm, patient and understanding person. Always welcoming me into class with a smile and a friendly greeting. He listens, I think that’s the true key to being a fantastic teacher.

Hannah Wyld (student)


1st December 2015

I was one of those people who ‘had’ a guitar for years and always meant to learn, but simply hadn’t got around to it. Tony was wonderful, really patient and thorough, taking the time it took to fully explain and show me as many times as it took. Part of the process included working out (with me) what it was I really wanted to learn (was it just to play songs? Learning the instrument formally? Finger picking Spanish style?), which really impressed me. I thoroughly enjoyed every session. By no means do I claim to be able to play the guitar yet but I intend to keep learning until I can! Thanks again Tony, it’s a real privilege learning with you.

DK Green (student)