Awards Ceremony (November Update)

Dear Student, Parent, Guardian, Teacher, We hope you’re well and are having fun preparing for all the awesome events coming up! Not to mention the holidays! ☺ Here’s a run down of the current happenings at M&M Academy. Awards CeremonyThe date, time and all details on our upcoming ceremony is officially live! Please book your tickets byContinue reading “Awards Ceremony (November Update)”

Winter Guitar Service

Dear Student/Parent/Guardian, From now until the 19th December we’re offering you the chance to have your guitar serviced for just £10 (acoustic), £15 (electric) or £20 (electric with a floyd rose tremolo system)! Normally a basic service that we provide at request throughout the year costs £15, £20 or £25. Please note that this offer excludes the price of your new strings.Continue reading “Winter Guitar Service”