Student Showcase – Tony – Lead Sheet

Click the ‘pop-out’ button in the top right corner of the video to play in full screen.

One thought on “Student Showcase – Tony – Lead Sheet

  1. Showcase Comments:

    Gene: Amazing 🤩
    DK: go Tony, go Tony!
    Josh: Awesome
    DK: lol flash job Tony, showing us all how it’s done 😉
    Linda: nice
    Tony: Haha, it took a LONG time, but was a lot of fun 😀
    Pete and Loz: Makes it look so easy.
    Linda: cool guitar
    Amy: can vouch for long time
    Tony: Fun spin there! Haha
    Lana: crank the amp up to metal!
    Amy: pirouette like your life depends on it :p
    Tony: Hahaha 😀
    DK: lol awesome – this is why you’re the teacher!!
    Tony: Thank you 😀
    Lana: just need to work on doing a backflip now Tony XD gotta up that performance game for next time
    DAVID: Brilliant performance – nearly as good as the students ones!!
    DK: ruddy brilliant Tony
    DK: LOL David
    Leo: Great Performance Tony!! 👍👍👍👍
    Pete and Loz: Fantastic!
    Caroline: Brilliant!
    Josh: Amazing
    Kevin: Amazing
    Neil: Awesome!
    Caroline: Well Done Tony, Awesome performance!
    Tony: Thanks everyone!

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