Taekwondo Students – May Update

Hi everyone, 

Here’s a few updates for you all on upcoming Taekwondo events.

First off, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our students Leo, Param and Katrina! Following the recent Taekwondo Welsh Championships, Param brought home a Bronze from his sparring division, Katrina brought home a Silver from her sparring division and Leo brought home a Bronze and a Silver from his sparring and tag team divisions. Also very well done to William and Amy for performing well in their divisions too! Excellent effect guys!

Following on from this, our next two competitions are on the horizon. Upcoming we have:

The MIDLANDS Championships on Saturday 25th June. This will be held at the Arena Sports in Kettering. 

The NORTH MIDLANDS Championships on Sunday 10th July. This will be held at the Wildcats Arena in Nottingham.

More details can be found on our website, student calendar. If you would like to enter any of these competitions, let me know ASAP so that we can fill out your forms and get you entered. 

For those of you who aren’t already aware, this grading date has now CHANGED. We were informed a few days ago of this change, which has been made because of the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee.
The date is now two weeks later on Saturday the 18th June. It’s the same time and location, 1pm (arrive 12:30) to 3pm at Belper Leisure Centre. 

With regards to the colour belt grading, there will be no warm-up session before. If you wish to warm up, I suggest you arrive early and make use of the space in the waiting area to do so. Your Theory will also be taken in-lesson the week before the grading (Saturday 11th and Monday 13th). You cannot attend your grading if your theory hasn’t been done. Please make me aware if you’re unable to attend either of these lessons.

The grading will cost £30 per student taking the grading. This excludes the normal £5 for warming up before the grading. Please make sure this is paid BEFORE the grading date. You will not be able to grade if I haven’t received a payment in time.

Any questions at all, please get in touch.

Our Tigers (4-7 yr olds) Taekwondo grading will be held on the same date as the colour belt grading, Saturday the 18th June. All of our Tigers are eligable to grade. This is free and will take place during our regular class.

Due to the Queen’s Jubilee, Taekwondo won’t be taking place on the 4th June.
On Saturday the 2nd July there will also be no lesson. Risley Village Hall has a large full-day event on this day, so we won’t be able to use it.

And that’s everything. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Keep up the great practice and see in the next lesson!

Kind regards,
M&M Academy

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