Taekwondo – Tomorrow’s lesson and the North Midlands Championships

Dear Taekwondo students & parents/guardians,

A couple quick reminders for you. Please don’t forget that there are NO lesssons tomorrow! This is because Risley Hall are hosting an all-day village Fete, so we don’t have access to the hall. This should be the final time this year that we’re off for something like this. Don’t forget that you’re welcome to join us at 7:30pm on Monday evening at Alfreton Leisure centre as an alternative. Otherwise, we’ll be back to normal next week.

The North Midlands Championships is NEXT WEEKEND (10th) and the deadline for those competition forms (and payments) is this MONDAY 4th. If you haven’t given me your forms already, please send me a picture of your completed form with all the details filled out so I can get you signed up and bring the form with you to your next lesson. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch ASAP. 

Thanks and kind regards,


M&M Academy

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