Winter Guitar Service

Dear Student/Parent/Guardian,

From now until the 19th December we’re offering you the chance to have your guitar serviced for just £10 (acoustic), £15 (electric) or £20 (electric with a floyd rose tremolo system)!

Normally a basic service that we provide at request throughout the year costs £15, £20 or £25. Please note that this offer excludes the price of your new strings. You may purchase these separately or let us choose the strings to be fitted (£6) and we’ll add them on to the invoice price. We typically only use high quality strings (Ernie Ball), however budget strings and prices are also available on request.

A Basic Service Package Includes:

  1. Guitar strings replaced
  2. Body & fretboard professionally polished
  3. Minor adjustments where needed (truss rod, nut, pegs & bridge).

We recommend having your guitar serviced at least once every six months (or a bass guitar once every year) to keep it in top form and sounding great. Due to lockdown, some students haven’t had their guitars serviced in over a year, so this is now highly recommended!

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please arrange to leave your guitar with us for one week at any point up until the deadline. This is the length of time we’ll need to make sure your strings and any adjustments are properly set. The service will be carried out with COVID-safe measures in place.

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch at any time between 1pm to 9pm during the week or talk to us in your lesson and we’ll be happy to answer.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
The M&M Academy Team.

Published by Tony

~ M&M Academy Business Owner, Senior Guitar Teacher and Taekwondo Instructor, ~ I strive to do everything I can to make sure myself and those around me make the most of life and enjoy it to the fullest ~